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Individual task:How work changed Society after Industrial Revolution? PART II

In the past Child have every worked;before helping the family in countries and during The Industrial Revolution they were employed in many factories as well as the woman, because It was easier for factories’ owners to exploit them with no regulation about payment and labour’s hours.
Child labour laws made it against the law for children to work full-time jobs on farms, in factories, or in businesses. There were laws protecting children in some states as early as the 1830’s. These laws were often overlooked however, or ignored all together.After the census of 1900, social reformers were able to convince lawmakers to make new laws and enforce those that were already in place.
How work changed Child's condition from the Eighteen century to Twenty-one ?

1800\1850 Child at Work.. Countries and Factory

1860 Finally Child at schools

(Picture on the left from "Cuore"-E.De Amicis)
After the Economic Boom from Industrial Revolution,Governments and Parents Found out the Importance of The School.
The social mobility dream begins....

The New Century

In few time the World is Changed.
Speed is the Key-Word.
Everyone has to work.
The World is faster than before.
The ClockTime is something to chase.
And What about our children?

A New Model for Them?

How we can find

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